About Condenza


Our meaning:

Condenza = Conden = Condensation= Hidration = MoistureZa= the last part of Belleza= the Spanish word for beauty

Our company was born from the necessity of providing high quality skincare and beauty products without breaking the bank. As a mother of three, I always wanted to take care of my skin but feel demotivated every time I went shopping for skincare due to prices. I started experimenting with homemade skin care by mixing ingredients and making my own face mask with ingredients from my kitchen and the results were amazing, people started to notice and ask questions about my routine. Then, the idea of Condenza Beauty came to life. I am happy to say that our products are handled with love, responsibility, and the conviction that we should have more options that are good for our skin and the environment.

Our products are made using science, nature and industry expertise to deliver the most potent formulations in the beauty industry. We aim to provide an avenue of uncomplicated skincare and makeup, environmental responsibility and affordability for everyone. We believe that every day we faced challenges in life, choosing the right products should not be one. We practice ingredient transparency to ethically give you what you deserve. Because taking care of your skin and looking your best should not be a luxury but a right. Because we want you to be your best, authentic and beautiful face we give you Condenza Beauty.


Yuliza Encarnacion,CEO.